Careers In Dogs

Own your own dog training business

Lady training give a pawMany professional trainers choose to start their own businesses seeing private clients, conducting training walks, providing day training and teaching public classes. While owning your own business isn’t the right fit for everyone, it does allow for a flexible schedule, the ability to be your own boss, and a desirable income.

Add training services to your existing business

FrenchieDog walkers, pet sitters, and daycare providers find they are better able to meet the training needs of their clients by offering day training services, adding training walks, and providing private consultations. Managing group behavior is no easy task, but a thorough understanding of dog behavior and behavior modification can keep things running smoothly in the most safe and rewarding way possible. We recommend adding to your group management credentials and skills by also attending the dog*biz Dog Walking Academy.

Focus your efforts in shelters or rescues

Pit pup in class red leashBehavior and Training programs in shelters and rescues are an essential element to the organization’s success in placing and keeping dogs in new homes. Design and implement behavior modification plans, enrichment programs, and adoption training plans. Provide adoption counseling, follow-up training and consulting, and teach public classes, volunteer classes, and  seminars.

Bring behavioral support to your veterinary practicevet explaining

Vets are often first responders when it comes to client concerns about puppy behavior and issues with their dogs.  Meet this need by adding behavior consultations to your list of services in addition to easing waiting room stress, and keeping clients and staff safe and happy during exams and procedures.


Provide service dog training and Animal Assisted Therapy

Holding paws with white dog

After completing DTIA’s comprehensive, in-depth course in dog behavior, animal learning, client coaching, and hands-on cue training, continue your education by enrolling in a service dog specific course like the excellent one at  Service Dogs Inc.’s Trainers Academy.  


From the Grads

"The wonderful trainers in the Dog Training Internship Academy (DTIA) helped make my dreams a reality. Not only do I have a greater understanding about how animals learn best and many hours of practice under my belt, but I also was given the skills to start my own dog training business right after graduation!" --Alyssa Hosbach, Owner of Dancing Tails Dog Training

From the Grads

"DTIA gave me a real understanding of the how and why of science-based, positive reinforcement training. I now come into new training situations with the ability to pinpoint all the necessary information and make a plan with confidence." --Sathid Pankaew, Behavior & Training Coordinator, East Bay SPCA

From the Grads

"Dog industry business consultant Veronica Boutelle recommended the DTIA program to me when I asked about apprenticeship programs. She is familiar with every program in the country and unequivocally pronounced the DTIA the best one available. Well, she didn’t oversell it." --Erik Grendahl, Canine Behavior Consultant

From the Grads

"Attending the DTIA program was a wonderful decision. Not only will it advance my career but it has also opened the door to so many other professional possibilities." --Luba Podolsky, Mutt Manager, Muttville