DTIA Schedule

DTIA Fits Your Life

The 5-month term, that can be completed remotely, translates to approximately 7 hours of classes and about 8 hours of combined study and practice time per week. This allows you to continue working during the program and means that you have time to process and absorb the material as you go along.


Class Meeting Schedule 

The Spring Session 2023 runs January 10th through May 23rd.

Saturday (10:00am–12:00pm)

We meet in-person or online to build on your progress, workshop your challenges, and learn as a group every Saturday throughout the course.

  • Cue Training and Classical Conditioning Skill Development
  • Observational Skills
  • Dog Body Language and Communication
  • Client Teaching Practice


Choose to join the live webinar discussion from 5:30-7:30pm or watch it later when it best fits in your schedule.

  • Dog behavior
  • Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Animal learning and motivation
  • Behavior issues
  • Business Basics and career guidance
  • Ethics and best practices

Every Other Wednesday (through the first 12 weeks)  

Choose to join the live webinar discussion from 5:30-7:30 pm or watch it later when it best fits in your schedule.

  • What is a Behavior Consultation? The Roadmap
  • Client Compliance (How do we get buy-in?)
  • Client Communication
  • Case Studies
  • Guided Client Consult Practice

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From the Grads

"The wonderful trainers in the Dog Training Internship Academy (DTIA) helped make my dreams a reality. Not only do I have a greater understanding about how animals learn best and many hours of practice under my belt, but I also was given the skills to start my own dog training business right after graduation!" --Alyssa Hosbach, Owner of Dancing Tails Dog Training

From the Grads

"DTIA gave me a real understanding of the how and why of science-based, positive reinforcement training. I now come into new training situations with the ability to pinpoint all the necessary information and make a plan with confidence." --Sathid Pankaew, Behavior & Training Coordinator, East Bay SPCA

From the Grads

"Dog industry business consultant Veronica Boutelle recommended the DTIA program to me when I asked about apprenticeship programs. She is familiar with every program in the country and unequivocally pronounced the DTIA the best one available. Well, she didn’t oversell it." --Erik Grendahl, Canine Behavior Consultant

From the Grads

"Attending the DTIA program was a wonderful decision. Not only will it advance my career but it has also opened the door to so many other professional possibilities." --Luba Podolsky, Mutt Manager, Muttville